Homeopathy for Coughs, Colds, Flu & Sinus Infections

[Bundle] Homeopathy for Coughs, Colds, Flu & Sinus Infections

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Learn the step-by-step methods for diagnosing, preparing, and administering

It’s time to toss out the over-the-counter chemicals and common drugs and discover the natural way to overcome illness!

From everyday colds and coughs to painful sinus infections and flu that knocks you flat, it seems like someone in your family is always coming down with something.  Wouldn’t it be reassuring if you were able to treat illnesses naturally, safely, and without side effects?  

You hope for nothing more than to...

  • Toss out the expensive over-the-counter and common drugs that leave you feeling exhausted and disconnected.
  • Treat one symptom that is bothering you instead of treating symptoms you don’t even have with typical cold and flu medicines.
  • Find a remedy that is safe and readily available for everyone in your family.
  • Live a natural, healthier life and overcome illnesses the way nature intended.
  • To turn to homeopathy and homeopathic remedies to heal and treat yourself and your family.

You are excited to try homeopathy, but you haven’t gotten started yet because…

  • You feel overwhelmed at the amount of information and don’t know where to start.
  • Homeopathy has its own language that you don’t fully understand.
  • You are afraid of using the wrong remedy or treating a symptom incorrectly.
  • You just don’t know if it’s right for you and your family.

With the right instruction, anyone can learn homeopathy! (Even you!)

I’m Virangini Cindy, a Homeopathic Health Consultant and Educator with over 30 years of experience.  I started my homeopathic journey as a child, when I stepped on a bee’s nest and received several painful stings.  My father administered Apis and the pain and swelling went away much faster than had we simply cleaned them and left them alone!  I was amazed at how effective this simple remedy was, and I was shocked to learn Apis came directly from the honeybee, itself!

As an adult, I became more involved in homeopathic remedies after learning how truly easy, safe, and effective homeopathy is at healing all manners of injury and illness.  By using remedies that stimulate our bodies’ immune reaction, we are healing naturally, the way our bodies need to heal.  My mission quickly became to reach out to others and share this knowledge of natural remedies and empower people across the country to understand and embrace homeopathy.  

Now, after one of the most severe flu seasons we’ve seen in over a decade, I saw a need for understanding how to specifically treat coughs, colds, flu and sinus infections, which led me to create and share two classes that will give you the knowledge, the training, and the confidence you need to treat the coughs, colds, flu, and sinus infection that are so prevalent in winter and spring.  

With Homeopathy for Coughs and Homeopathy for Colds, Flu, and Sinus Infection, I created an in-depth learning experience for both beginners and experienced homeopathy users.  Everything is broken down into simple, easy-to-follow steps, and I show you everything you need to know to determine the specific remedy to treat the symptom. 

With Homeopathy for Coughs, learn how to treat all manners and types of coughs, including:

  • Coughs associated with croup, laryngitis, bronchitis, and pneumonia
  • Coughs triggered by heat, cold, and dry conditions
  • Wheezing
  • Treating daytime vs. nighttime coughs
  • Expectorant remedies
  • Creating homeopathic tinctures related to coughs
  • Creating a case scenario for determining symptoms

With Homeopathy for Colds, Flu, and Sinus Infection, learn how to treat all manners of colds, flu, and sinus infection, including:

  • Determining the difference between cold, flu, and sinus infection
  • How to treat the specific, problematic symptoms of each illness
  • Creating remedies for each stage of the illness
  • Building up the immune system
  • Creating case scenarios to determine the best remedy for the symptom

Order the Homeopathy for Coughs, Colds, Flu, and Sinus Infection BUNDLE for just $144!

After watching these easy-to-follow, in-depth videos, you’ll have the knowledge and the confidence you need to toss out the over the counter cough syrups and decongestants and begin creating your own homeopathy kit for yourself and your family!  

  • Gain a deep understanding of symptoms, from what causes them to how they progress!
  • Know exactly how to administer homeopathic remedies, from determining dosage to how often they should be taken to what form of remedy is most effective!
  • Reach for the right remedy every time and watch symptoms improve in minutes!
  • Feel confident that you are making the natural, safe choice for yourself and your family!

As a BONUS, you’ll also receive my six-course, “Getting Started with Homeopathy” video series!  Beginners will love this uncomplicated look at how to begin the homeopathic journey.  I will walk you through everything you need to know, including:

  • Case Taking - the in-depth background that led to an onset of symptoms
  • Selecting the perfect remedy to treat the symptom according to the case taking
  • Taking homeopathic remedies
  • Making an RSB (Remedy Solution Bottle) 
  • Refilling an RSB (Remedy Solution Bottle)
  • Administering a homeopathic remedy

If you are ready to cast aside the over the counter and common medications with their high cost and dangerous side effects, I encourage you to order Homeopathy for Coughs and Homeopathy for Colds, Flu, and Sinus Infection.  When you order, you’ll receive the bonus, “Getting Started with Homeopathy” for free!  

Order the entire bundle for just $144! 
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Homeopathy isn’t for everybody. These courses aren’t for you if you…

  • Don’t believe in using natural, earth-made remedies to overcome illness and unpleasant symptoms!
  • Don’t want to learn the methods of healing that have been used for centuries to treat sickness!
  • Aren’t ready to open your mind to alternatives to over-the-counter and common drugs!

On the other hand, this bundle is for you if you…

  • Want to experience health and healing the way nature intended!
  • Are excited to try the remedies of our ancestors to heal your family’s coughs, colds, and flu!
  • Want to skip the doctor’s office and drugstore and reach into your remedy kit to help your child feel better fast!
  • Embrace a natural lifestyle and wish to become more in tune with homeopathic healing!

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